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Duplicate ISO aims to be an easy-to-use interface of CDRecord intended to simplify the process of burning preset ISO files to multiple CDs, probably using numerous burners at once.

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Version 0.6.0 Released!
    rawler - 2002-06-01 01:03   -   Duplicate ISO
Major feature enhancements.
New features include:
- Recording of audio tracks
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Version 0.4.1 Released!
    rawler - 2001-10-14 12:23   -   Duplicate ISO
DupISO 0.4.1 has now been released.
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Version 0.2.3 Released
    rawler - 2001-05-20 23:56   -   Duplicate ISO
Version 0.2.3 is now released.
New features include:
* It's possible to store your configuration anywhere, without recompile.
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Release mistake discovered!
    rawler - 2001-04-12 12:40   -   Duplicate ISO
Are you one of those who have just downloaded DupISO 0.2.2, compiled it and run it, just to notice the recorded CD:s are empty? Don't worry, this is just the effect of a mistake made by Rawler while creating the package...
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help wanted
    rawler - 2001-04-07 15:32   -   Duplicate ISO
Looking for webdesigner/s to create an entire webpage.. Just want a functional frontend for my project..
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First release of DupISO
    rawler - 2001-04-07 15:30   -   Duplicate ISO
Want to burn using multiple recorders at once?
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